Frozen amethyst

Shaped by rough amethyst crystals, the silver crystal structure seems to exist randomly around the neck. Like pebbles in an mountain river. They ended up there to stay, or to be found, touched and cherished. When the sun starts to shine high shine polished silver parts give kisses of light on the neck and her surroundings. The earrings can be worn in two ways: short and practical as a crystalsbud, and long for a more sophisticated mood.

Available in necklace, bracelet and earrings. 


Inspiration came from traces in nature; erosion, earth quakes but also traces left by humans. Every little detail is designed and handcrafted with care, as all Lapponia jewelry.

As a child I played a game: To reconstruct the shaping of the landscape in a kind of playback movie in my mind. ( I thought everybody did that ;) Fascinated by traces of erosion, tumbling of rocks, leftovers of man and beast up to millions of years ago. I never really stopped to play that game.

These registrations and traces shaped this primitive Flintstone like jewelry collection. I can imagine a stone-age human would maybe also make something like this from found bones or pieces of wood or stone. 

Available in necklace and earrings (as shown on the image), and another longer pair of earrings that move beautifully and point out the elegance of the female neck shape.




The designs I made for the iconic Lapponia Jewelry Finland are available in luxury stores and galeries world wide, and in my Salon here in The Hague, Holland. 

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