Liesbeth Busman

The magic is found in the space that arises when not wanting to make something pretty. Then another esthetic can shape. The esthetic of natural and seemingly random beauty.
— Liesbeth Busman

I am trained as master goldsmith and Specialist Design at the The Vocational School for Gold and Silversmiths in Schoonhoven and in Amsterdam. During my traineeship in Namibia and other travels and adventures I came into contact with local people and cultures, myths, beliefs, symbols and traditions. The indigenous fascinates. Somehow it seems more real. In my works I look for a contemporary way to tune in to that authenticity.

Looking back, it all started that spring day making and trying to sell bracelets I made from willow twigs as a child. The pleasure of someone wanting and wearing what I made was thrilling. The seed to use jewelry as means of communication and relating was planted. The obsession was born.

In 2014 the Salon + Atelier was established in a National Monument with a special history. A space for dialogue and inspiration. Here I can test, question, make and finetune my projects and works. Inspiration is contagious.

Besides this I design and prototype jewelry collections for the renowned Lapponia Jewelry Finland that are sold worldwide. Under my Label SAAGÆ I bring my collections wedding & engagement rings.

After I made it, the Jewel leads its own life. It is worn, scratched, touched, admired and loved. Maybe it is lost, and found again. The Jewel survives us. In this sense the Jewel becomes a means of registration. A life-souvenir of lives, loved ones, emotions, generations. I like the notion that It continues.
— Liesbeth Busman