Custom wishes form.

Here you can submit the eventual custom options you’d like. This is to complete the jewelry order you already placed at De Salon.

* Engraving * Ring Size * Gems * Color / Carat * Other Wishes *


Please complete the form below to your liking. (You will need to have the order number ready for a swift processing of your wishes. It is stated at the bon/receipt ;)

You do not have to pay now. Payment is done at picking up the order in De Salon in The Hague, or with invoice and pre-bank payment in case of sending it to your country / city.


Family name used on the pending order or offer *
Family name used on the pending order or offer
Or just state both your full names and I'll find out here
Please state the order number of your pending order. You can find it on a) the order confirmation receipt you got in De Salon, b) it was stated somewhere in the email order confirmation 3) stated on the invoice
Tick the engraving you would like in your ring(s) and type the text below
See example images below ;)
The engraving will be done exactly how you write it. Please Double-check spelling and capital-/underscore (hoofd-/kleine) lettering.
Add some sparkle to the design:
The gems are added on the spot(s) in the design we previously discussed, or if we did not discuss I will find a nice place for you/her :)
Hand engraving / Hand gravure

Hand engraving / Hand gravure