Tonal improvisations on Ibach

by Liesbeth Busman

Finding sequence in tonal randomness, I express my mood of that day and the impact of my surroundings and nature. Not knowing how to play our new piano, I just dived in and touch the Black & Whites now and then. 

I try to also have a holiday this month. But time explodes in new ideas and new learnings that combine the new piano tones with jewelry making in my atelier. I found this tonal music is great for relaxing and stopping too many thoughts and just be peaceful. Hope you enjoy it too.

The music is unedited and recorded with my mobile in the living room. Sometimes there is a lot of cracking when a track starts, it is well worth to wait for the warm Ibach piano tones to begin.  

If you listen, you can hear the cat sometimes, my breathing, or my love Peter working on our old house in the background.