"coral" jewelry from gold or silver

"coral" jewelry from gold or silver

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~ As seen in Yoga International Magazine ~

“Coral” jewelry that brings an ode to nature and natural beauty. These tiny see creatures are sculpted by hand by me, so they are not made from real corals. They are made from silk-matted gold or silver to your choosing. Delivery time is 2 weeks /10 working days before sending.

  • The small earstuds are about 8mm diameter. Nice for every day wearing.

  • The medium sized earpendants and the necklace coral are both about 13mm long x 9mm wide.

  • The ear pendants are made with an elegant hook at the back.

  • The necklace is made so you can alter the size from 40-43-45 cm to match the shape of the shirt you are wearing.

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