Miss Twiggy engagement ring in rose gold with pastel green hued diamond

Miss Twiggy engagement ring in rose gold with pastel green hued diamond

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~ As seen in Brides Magazine UK ~

A charming 14krt/585 rose gold Miss Twiggy ring Handmade to love. The ends of the setting "claws" over the gem are friendly rounded. The structure on the ring is nice twiggy-like. You can see the handwork of the sculpting process.

The rose and the pastel green really are wonderful together. It will mostly look stunning on a lady that has a pale skin tone, has brown or reddish hair, or has green or brownish eyes. (or a lady that just loves this color without ANY reason at all :)

Available size is up to 16,75mm without surcharge for the sizing. 

Please note that this is an example of a made ring. On ordering I will make new ring with a new diamond that is simmular but not exactly identical to this diamond. Delivery time is about 6 weeks. Sooner is possible with speed service in 2 weeks. ;)

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About the colors gold: To me it seems strange to not make my own recipes gold. I mix my paint when I design. I mix my salad. I make soup. So I make my own recipes gold. The nice thing about mixing gold is that it can totally enhance your skintone, or make a ring feel like it has already have been on your finger for ages, belonging with you. Naturally there. Visitors call these colors "understated chique". And I totally agree.

in 14 karat or 585 gold there is:

  • The warm yellow gold, or "Sunrise yellow". This is my standard 14krt/585 yellow gold mix.
  • The Palladium white gold or "ClayGrey". This is an alloy with a large part of Palladium that gives its rich warm grey tone. There is no nickel in the alloy that makes it anti-allergic.
  • Light Rose gold or named "Rose"
  • Fair Trade yellow gold, that has a colour between the rose gold and the warm yellow gold, very natural color. I call it the "Warmest Fair Yellow"

in 18 krt or 750 gold:

  • warm yellow toned high carat color, called "Full Glory"

in silver (925/000) there is:

  • "Moonlight" silver. The color of our fresh silver is lighter than most silvers on the market through our finishing process. It has a dynamic color hue: When wearing it the color changes to a darker or lighter tone. This depends on your skin metabolism and eventual chemicals in your surrounding (make-up, or perfumes)