Twiggy ring "V" shape with diamond in various colors to your liking. Great for stacking next to a waved ring!

Twiggy ring "V" shape with diamond in various colors to your liking. Great for stacking next to a waved ring!

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Please note that the ring and the diamond are priced seperate. The price of the ring does not include the diamond because you can choose the one you like.

About the design: I sculpted the Twiggy ring by hand to bring an ode to nature and natural beauty. There is this UnIntended pure beauty that can not be designed, but can only be found. Nature's imperfections are just, well, perfect.

The finishing of the ring is silk matted, with some shiny highlights on the structure. The diamond is held securely in a closed setting around it, and finished with a high shine facet to compliment the diamond.

A facetted diamond is made in the ring to your liking, please tell me the color of the desired stone by selecting and ordering the stone color.. Diamond colors to choose from are : white, deep forest green, champagne, and sky blue.

You can also choose to not have a stone, then the ring has a mirror like flat facet :)

About the size: This model is available size 15mm to size 17,5mm diameter without sizing surcharge. When you need a bigger size there is a surcharge of 10% of the price of the ring per size. This is charged to you after ordering. (Just tell me in the note when ordering and everything will be taken care of ;) )

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About the colors gold:

To me it seems strange to not make my own recipes gold. I mix my paint when I design. I mix my salad. I make soup. So I make my own recipes gold. The nice thing about mixing gold is that it’s color can totally enhance your skintone, or make a ring feel like it has already have been on your finger for ages, Naturally there. Visitors call these colors "understated chique". And I totally agree.

in 14 karat or 585 gold there is:

  • The warm yellow gold, or "Sunrise yellow"

  • The Palladium white gold or "ClayGrey". This is an alloy with a large part of Palladium that gives its rich warm grey tone. There is no nickel in the alloy.

  • Light Rose gold or named "Rose" (This is not red gold)

  • Fair Trade yellow gold, that has a colour between the rose gold and the warm yellow gold, a very natural color. Its called "Fair Warmest Yellow"

in 18 krt or 750 gold:

  • warm yellow toned high carat color called "Full Glory"

in silver (925/000) there is:

  • "Moonlight" silver. The color of our fresh silver is lighter than most silvers on the market through our finishing process. It has a dynamic color hue: When wearing it the color changes to a darker or lighter tone. This depends on your skin / metabolism and eventual chemicals in your surrounding (make-up, or perfumes)

About natural materials and colors on screen:

The colors can be slightly different then shown on screen. Diamonds are a natures product and therefore not 2 gems are the same. Also your screen setting can be different then ours and so gold & gemstone colors can appear different on the various screens and devices used to view the website.