Welcome to The Netherlands! As an international customer you can benefit from the special treatment that is arranged for you.

Tax  (VAT) refund, extra short delivery times, and for 'no hassle traveling' we offer free package sending to your home country* read the details below.

Walking with key | image ⓒ Laura Lisalo

Walking with key | image ⓒ Laura Lisalo

TAX (VAT) cashback for customers from outside the EU:

It is simple: When you declare your purchase to customs at the airport  just get your invoice or receipt stamped and send it back to us by post. (maybe make a copy for your own administration)

After receiving the stamped receipt we will refund you the payed value added tax (VAT), by bank transfer the tax amount to your account!

  • The tax (VAT) cashback payments are done quarterly in the year.
  • The tax refund payment is done at benefitary (your) costs. Below € 1000 tax cashback this mostly means that 0,1 % of the amount transferred is deducted from the total amount by the bank. 
  • Depending on the currency desired, (if you do not have a euro account) an additional exchange rate fee can be deducted by your bank at your own costs. For example for USA dollars this is € 15. Ask at your bank for the details.

We offer this service for a contribution to our administration / handling costs of € 20. This contribution is deducted from the tax cashback total.

Ask for this tax cashback service in the Salon.

Extra short delivery time:

If possible we will super speed up delivery time, so your piece of jewellery is finished before you board.

'NO HASSLE' traveling:

Don't worry about safe traveling or loss of gifts along the way. We can send your purchase to your home address for you. From a purchase of € 300 we even send it to your home country for free!*

* Please note that secured delivery is not applicable for all countries around the globe. We are happy to inform about conditions for your country.